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Bigg Boss 16 latest episode live updates, बिग बॉस16 में झगड़ा

The Salman Khan-hosted reality show, Bigg Boss 16 has already got an extension of five weeks. Owing to the popularity and the kind of content delivered by the contestants, they have just increased the ratings of the show on the TRP chart. Cut to the latest episode of BB 16, it was high on drama and fights between the contestants. The changing equation between Tina Datta and MC stan is one of the highlights as the rapper nominates her.

Here's everything that happened in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16:

1 - The promo video shows Shalin Bhanot getting furious and having a heated exchange with MC Stan. The two were seen getting ready to fight each other and had to be separated by fellow contestants before things got a little physical.

2- While MC Stan takes Tina’s name during the nominations, she retaliates and says “Mukhaute pehne huye hain jewellery ke piche (he’s wearing masks behind all that jewellery).” Stan who was wearing a stack of glittery necklaces around his neck responded and said, “Jewellery pe mat ja, tera gar big jayenga... (Don’t talk about my jewellery, it is worth more than your house.”

3- Amid the tiff, Shalin also jumped in between and told Stan to not act smart. In response, Stan told the former that he will give the actor ‘ek lafa (one slap)’.

4- On hearing this, Shalin told Stan, “Tereko maar dunga yahin khade khade (I will give you a slap myself).”

5- During the nomination task, Shalin and Tina were standing behind a makeshift wall when suddenly Stan walked up to Shalin and yelled at him. While blabbering angrily, he said, “Ma-baap pe mat ja (don’t talk about my parents).” When Shalin told Stan that it was him who had started the fight, Stan told him in Hindi, “All my friends are watching this, do you want to live or not?”

6- On the other hand, Soundarya Sharma tells Sreejita De that she does not know what makes Priyanka Chahar Choudhary so arrogant.

7- Soundarya takes a jibe at Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and said that the latter takes pride in the fact that she has a hit show like Udaariyaan under her belt.

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