Agniveer Scheme New Update 2024 Today, Agnipath scheme under review - Government Staff


Agniveer Scheme New Update 2024 Today, Agnipath scheme under review

Agniveer Scheme New Update 2024 Today: अग्निवीर योजना में होगा बड़ा बदलाव 

Agniveer Scheme New Update 2024 Today

 What is the view of Rahul Gandhi on Agniveer Scheme? 

On May 27, 2024, in an election rally in Bakhtiyarpur, Bihar, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi said that if we come to power, we will end the Agniveer scheme. In the 2024 elections, Rahul kept raising the issue of Agniveer in more or less every rally. Rahul Gandhi did not come to power, but definitely came into strong opposition. After the results, on June 11, Rahul said that there was an 'army' sitting in the opposition. We will get Agniveer Yojana cancelled.

 In this article we will discuss that What is Agneepath Yojana, why did the government bring it, what are the shortcomings in it and what changes can happen now… 

What is Agneepath Yojana and why was it started?

Government launches Agneepath scheme in 2022. Under this, youth are recruited on contract for four years in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Six months of training is also included in four years. After four years, the soldiers will be given rating on the basis of their efficiency. On the basis of this merit, 25% of Agniveers will be taken into permanent service. The rest will return to the civilian world.


Which Ranks are covered under Agniveer Scheme?

In this scheme, soldiers below officer rank will be recruited. That means their rank will be as Personal Below Officer Rank i.e. PBOR. The rank of these soldiers will be different from the current appointment of commissioned officers and non-commissioned officers in the army. Recruitment will be done through rallies twice a year. To become Agniveer, one must be between 17.5 to 21 years of age. Also, it is necessary to have at least 10th pass. Firefighters recruited after 10th pass will be given a certificate equivalent to 12th after completing 4 years of service.


At present, recruitment is being done under this scheme in every cadre except medical. They can be deployed anywhere in Army, Navy, Air Force. The service of Agniveer can be terminated at any time. Cannot leave service before four years, but in special cases it is possible with the permission of the competent authority.

What are the benefits of Agnipath scheme for Army?

The government says that this scheme will provide employment to talented youth of civil society and will reduce the average age of serving soldiers. The government also argues that with the arrival of the new generation, our forces will become technologically prosperous and our security forces will be modern. When these Agniveers finish their service after four years and go into social life, the society will get an army of disciplined and skilled youth.


Some experts believe that the government has launched this scheme to reduce the increasing defense pension amount year after year. Due to new permanent recruitments, the pension burden on the government was increasing every year.

According to a research by Observer Research Foundation, one Agniveer costs the government Rs 1.75 lakh less every year than full-time recruitment. There will be a saving of Rs 1,054 crore on salaries for a batch of 60,000 Agniveers.


What are the 5 major shortcomings of Agneepath scheme?

 1. Temporary employment: Agneepath soldiers have got employment only for four years. After this only 25% of the soldiers are selected for permanent service. This means that the remaining 75% of the soldiers are fired from the job. Due to this, the possibility of employment in their life gets limited.

2. No stability in career: After four years of service, a large number of soldiers will have to find new career options. They will not be able to become experts in any one profession. When young, they spend three to five years preparing for Agneepath. After this one gets a job for four years. When this job ends, you will have to learn a new job. With Agniveer, it is not necessary that the weapon he has learned to use should get him a job in the outside world also.

3. A little army soldier, a little outsider: Firefighters cannot be made like army soldiers in four years. Many things come after years of learning. An army soldier learns a lot throughout his life, only then he comes into leadership mode. This may affect the overall capability and combat capability of the army. Agniveer's tenure is so short that he will neither be able to become a proper army soldier nor a working person in the outside world.

 4. No guarantee of another job: There is no guarantee that ex-fire warriors will be recruited into paramilitary forces or police forces. On the basis of education, they will get maximum security personnel jobs. Private agencies have also jumped into it. Here he will get treatment like any common man. Therefore, the training received to become Agniveer does not at all mean that after retirement, they will get another job on the basis of this training.


5. Impact on Army Motivation and Morale: When soldiers know that their service is only for four years and after that they can be out, it can have a negative impact on their motivation and morale. It is not necessary that they work with the same values ​​as an army soldier.


Apart from this, experts point to many other shortcomings like not increasing the educational qualification, not getting other benefits like pension and canteen, not having any one regiment.


What major changes can the government make in the Agneepath scheme?


  1. Currently the age limit for Agriveer Army recruitment is 17.5 to 21 years. It can be increased from 17.5 to 23 years.
  2. The number of Agniveer soldiers joining regular service after completing 4 years can be increased from 25% to 70%.
  3. The government can increase the tenure of Agniveer from 4 to 7 years. There is a possibility of increase in the salary and lump sum amount given to Agniveer.
  4. The training period can be increased from 24 weeks to between 35 and 50 weeks. Ex-gratia amount can be given for disability even during training.
  5. If a brave soldier dies in battle, his family can be given subsistence allowance.
  6. The government can also give the status of ex-servicemen to the firefighters.
  7. A professional agency can be formed to help firefighters find future jobs after their service period ends.

Government formed review committee of 10 secretaries for Agneepath scheme

According to sources, after reviewing the recent results, the government has come to know that Agneepath scheme is also responsible for less seats of BJP and NDA. There is resentment among the people, especially the youth, regarding the Agneepath scheme. This scheme has been an election issue among the unemployed youth of the Hindi belt. BJP has suffered a big setback in the Lok Sabha elections here.

What is the status of Agniveer scheme?

As soon as the new government is formed, efforts to improve this scheme have started. The NDA government led by PM Narendra Modi has formed a group of secretaries of 10 key ministries. This group will review the Agneepath Scheme. It will also tell the government how to make the recruitment program in the armed forces attractive. This panel will also give suggestions for shortcomings and improvements of the Agneepath Scheme. It is believed that after examining the recommendations, the government can implement them immediately.


What is the salary of Agniveer per month?

salary of Agniveer per month is Rs 30000.

Is Agniveer going to be permanent?

Based on organisational requirement and policies promulgated by the Armed Forces, all Agniveers after completing their engagement period, will be offered an opportunity to apply for enrolment in the permanent cadre.

How much money will Agniveer get after 4 years?

After four years of service, Agniveers receive a lump-sum payment of Rs. 11.71 lakhs from the Seva Nidhi package, along with interest. Death Compensation

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